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UCHE What U Need


Immediately atmospheric for its delicate fusing of organic, emotive piano, and contemporary, effected sound-design, UCHE’s What U Need proves a catchy anthem and immersive late-night go-to all at once.

Featuring smooth vocals of rhythmically faultless delivery and aptly blurring the lines between melody and rap, the style feels relevant yet eclectic throughout this deeply honest outpouring of confidence and vulnerability united. Underneath the vocal, the music rightfully reinforces these sentiments and changing emotions.

The production is second to none, featuring lightly sampled vocal fragments to further the soulful aspect, and maintaining a refreshingly alternative beat – a dash of trap but more notably marching to the movement of its own identity.

UCHE as an artist impresses for this skilful performance and the clever blending of modern references and more personal anecdotes. Occasionally the track seems familiar enough to meet the mainstream, at other times it feels authentically alternative and original in substance and purpose, and these are qualities that evidently run through UCHE’s catalogue to date.

Produced by Tobi Aitch, the chemistry hits just right with What U Need, the vocal and instrumental connection standing tall and quickly providing a welcomed air of escapism that works its magic with ease.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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