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Tyler Ritter Happy as a Lark


Tyler Ritter blends eighties drama and keys-led, classic pop vibes with an uplifting melody throughout an intriguingly-titled Happy as a Lark.

Nostalgic as ever yet well-rooted amidst the vocal sound and writing style of Ritter, Happy as a Lark feels ready to accompany the latest Stranger Things season, but in and of itself presents a timeless pop hit with a likable organic arrangement.

Progressing from mellow verses to chaotic fullness and falsetto for the hook, the song has a catchy piano-part that varies in intensity and energy as per the changing storyline. The voice too meets up with this evolving sentiment, and the story holds attention well for the most part, thanks to such a varying weight and pace.

Not a common style of late, and with Ritter’s unique take on structure and melodic switching for the chorus, there’s all the more reason to check this one out .

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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