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Tyler Colt Come Home


Come Home brings forth a punk-pop energy that the artist fuses with a joyful melody line and a gentler sounding set of verses that contrast really well with the hook. The video accompanying the song is a lot of fun, and the artist has a particular sound right now that is quite unique – especially for a solo artist.

The mellow moments within the song are hugely effective, they make the build up to those bigger, more energetic parts much more exciting. The hook itself joins together a simple chord progression and an equally simplistic yet instantly memorable melody. The track has been produced in a way that really brings out the energy of those bigger moments brilliantly, and still highlights the quieter, more reflective moments with equal power.

It’s a personal song, by all accounts, but it’s one that many audiences are likely to be able to relate to. The positive energy and overall output of the song suits the subject matter well, and it is, without a doubt, a song that will get caught in your mind pretty easily – perhaps even after just one listen.

It’s enjoyable to stumble upon a solo artist with this kind of pop-rock style; the music comes across as more organic, maybe even more accessible than a lot of tracks that use a heavier set of mixing sounds and effects. You can picture the live show already, from the recording, and that’s always a huge benefit when discovering a new musician or band. The style suits Tyler Colt’s voice really well, and all in all it makes for a song that really stands out amongst many of it’s peers. It’s well written, well structured, and well performed – and, as mentioned, it has that catchy hook to really pull you in.

Watch the video over on Youtube. Follow Tyler Colt on Facebook and Twitter. Visit his Website for more music and info.

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