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Ty Easley (T.Y.) Tell Me Lies


Dreamy guitar lines and distant vocal hooks make up the catchy and contemporary sound of Ty Easley across the memorable new single Tell Me Lies.

Quickly infectious, the brightness of the musicality and the stylish vocal hook contrast the negative implications of the title, and the lyrics go on to delve further into the intimacy and day-dreaming of the concept.

From melodically delicate layers of vulnerability for the hook, to the grit and character of the rap verses, Ty Easley – known on the scene as T.Y. – impresses in every way – from lyrical intention to songwriting, relevance to creativity, tone to overall identity.

Though just two-twenty-six in length, Tell Me Lies makes fine use of its lifespan, evolving from hook to rap verse and back to hook just one single time, yet revelling in that structure regardless thanks to the strength of the guitar work, the purpose of the writing, and the recognisable nature of the voice.

No doubt future releases will reach even more listeners thanks to this fusion of strengths and the authenticity and integrity of the Ty Easley voice. Fortunately, Tell Me Lies is merely a teaser from the upcoming longer project, the highly anticipated debut album Birds and Bees, out February 26th.

Download or stream Tell Me Lies here. Check out T.Y. on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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