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Two 5ive Power (Feat. 99Busco)


Offering up a fine injection of authentic rock and roll working in unison with hip hop, the punk-rock core of Power stands tall amidst a quickly captivating vocal performance – one that effectively gives the song every bit of relevant Power it requires to hit with true impact.

And it does, unequivocally. What an anthem, a refreshing take on contemporary sound design, and an easy alternative hit to turn up loud and lose yourself within.

On top of the likable stylistic elements – superb guitar work, distorted yet up front and center regardless (unlike the vast majority of rock and rap crossovers) – there’s an underlying sentiment at play here, which effectively draws you in closer to pay real attention as the whole thing progresses.

Given that the song is over and done with at precisely the two-minute mark, you don’t get much time to revel in its glory or concept. A touch of that nineties hard-rock blends with brilliantly melodic riffs and a voice that was born to perform, and it grabs you from the offset, but there’s plenty more to be appreciated with each revisit.

The switch from the rap to the melodic vocal offers a notable change in direction – something likely to draw in the last of the wandering fans of other genres. Here we get the weight of escapism, the impressive musicality, the rap confidence and the lyrical story-telling, and to top it all off; an essential dash of vocal unity, a tune for everyone to hum or join in with at a live show.

Brilliant. An addictive hit that comes to an end far too quickly. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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