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Turbulence For Me


Visually recrafted and released after six strong years on the scene, Turbulence offers the blissful embrace of a reggae ballad and groove, united with unapologetic honesty on a personal level, to light up the scene this summer.

Featuring stunning vocals, expressive and soulful as they meander through these deeply intimate lyrics, For Me celebrates love and loyalty, and calls out for companionship, in a bright and beautiful way.

Addictive and catchy in a pop-like fashion, resolving to a satisfying degree and forever impressing with that achingly genuine vocal delivery, the single keeps the reggae rhythm at the forefront, but blends in a heartfelt and refreshing hit of song-writing – with a likable twist of soul-rock in the form of a guitar solo – to effectively keep things fresh and engaging.

Superb song-writing, evidently timeless and with a crisp, clean production style to allow this contemporary fusion of genres and the loving sentiments of the writing to connect across the board.

Gorgeously captured, an easy favourite from the year so far – the final third is incredibly passionate and euphoric in its outcry of longing for the one. A love song designed to last. Well worth a few streams this year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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