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Tucker Ronzetti A Heart for the World


Prolific indie songwriter and storyteller Tucker Ronzetti refuses to disappoint with this brand new EP of originals.

Kicking into gear with a big-band vibe and a classic folk vocal, the project’s opener Do What Mama Says is all at once the uplifting, catchy and organic big-beat of an anthem you’d hope for, and a lyrically captivating, scene-setting piece of writing.

Ronzetti keeps things simple lyrically, but allows the underlying implications to deliver broader, more complex concepts. The musicality, too, leans in incredibly impressive yet far-from overly flashy directions – quickly prompting you to crave a live performance from the artist and his entire band.

Miami Moon follows and we’re gifted a more mellow yet equally nostalgic, fifties cinema kind of gypsy folk vibe. Another story leads with compelling lyrics, short lines and clear-cut imagery, simple yet effective. Then we get dashes of additional vocals, a touch of strings, and a notably emotional undertone that helps make this song far more personal and revealing than the more vague, fun and all-inclusive opener.

Further utilising contrast to a superb degree, The Alder Tree injects a Celtic kick of traditional folk knees-up, yet keeps this to an again mellow, somewhat gentle level. Beautiful songwriting, ever-effective melodies and snappy, memorable lines that linger with you after listening. These qualities ring true throughout Ronzetti’s catalogue, every song intriguing from the offset, and every melody and story offering equal parts familiarity and intrigue. This song is particularly satisfying, addictive and engaging in a classic, comforting fashion.

Next we get the EP’s title track – A Heart For The World – it’s a concept that seems brilliantly poignant right about now. Again, Ronzetti blends personal, intimate details with a more vastly inclusive look at life and the ways of the world. This balance helps listeners both connect with the artist and permit themselves the time and space within which to ponder their own role within this world. A gorgeous folk ballad with exquisite simplicity and depth intertwined. Brilliant, poetic and striking to listen to.

At the final hurdle we’re welcomed by Promise Me, a nifty hit of acoustic guitar playing, followed by a new vocal lead – a breathy, raspy female voice from Ronzetti’s daughter, the actor Cara Ronzetti, who weaves around us one last story of intimacy and longing; simplicity and profound, powerful consideration. Strings and fingerpicking set the mood, while gentle vocals lull you into a blissful state of romanticised calm.

What an absolute pleasure to listen to, and a fine introduction to an artist with a plethora of professional recordings ready and waiting to embrace music fans far and wide. Superb musicianship and faultless, emotionally relevant songwriting – a series of moments beautifully captured in time.

Download or stream the EP here. Find & follow Tucker Ronzetti on Facebook or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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