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TTE truth Taking Names (Prod. by Dj G Me)


Harmonunity Records and producer Dj G-Me present a fresh take on classic Hip Hop, as TTE truth hits the mic for the anthemic and memorable Taking Names.

Featuring a nostalgic set-up of looping, mildly oriental guitar and vintage rhythms, Taking Names instantly stands out for its minimal yet striking arrangement, and continues to further that appeal with a devoted outpouring of faultlessly rhythmic, conscious and cutting bars.

Always we resolve to the simple repeat of the hook and title – an anthemic twist of simplicity amidst an otherwise captivating array of scenes and reflections on life.

Speaking volumes on behalf of the Canada / US crossover label’s heartfelt intentions, Taking Names offers a plethora of deeply poetic, metaphorical and impressive lyrics – the sharpness and intelligence of which permits the song the worthy status of requiring you to listen more than a couple of times to grasp every idea. There are depths to the music, and as such, each time you do revisit, the music and story hit with all the more impact.

Simple yet striking, potentially a game changer but with enough of that familiarity and mainstream design humility to bridge the gap between audiences.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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