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Trynket Downbeat


An aptly-titled Downbeat, from artist and songwriter Trynket, leads with a mellow, mildly retro drum-line, a warm hit of bass, and a simple vocal melody lightly doused in reverb.

The calming energy of the track unites with the quickly addictive, hypnotic and memorable nature of the hook melody, to offer a rising sense of anticipation as further layers of colour and passion are woven into the mix.

Following an immediately engaging introduction, Downbeat goes on to evolve into realms of complex and satisfying melody. Vocally the flow switches gear, laying bare a more than capable singer moving things along – a vocalist with strength of performance during both quieter and more impassioned moments.

Certain aspects of the track have a cool, late-night vibe, others have more of an uplifting, energising pop feel, and the balance between these two qualities works brilliantly.

The whole thing is fairly minimalist, yet quirky enough to leave its mark, and really well-performed. The final quarter in particular features purely an ocean of vocal parts alongside this consistent rhythm from earlier, to throw in one last likeable element – and to seal the deal as to Trynket being an interesting artist well worth tuning in for.

Download or stream Downbeat here. Check out Trynket on Facebook & Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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