Trust'N & Brett Raio - Stay - Stereo Stickman

Trust’N & Brett Raio Stay


Beautiful songwriting, a complex yet captivating, meandering melody, a powerful structure, stunning vocals with a unique softness and purity – all of this meets with impeccable sound design and engaging flickers of organic musicality for this single.

A collaborative release, Stay brings together the talent and passion of Trust’N and Brett Raio – two artists who each offer up a level of emotional honesty and realness that suits the underlying sentiments of the song perfectly well.

From the offset, the intimate nature of the lyrics and this spacious guitar-led ambiance appeals – there’s a quick sense of authenticity to the words and the manner in which they’re delivered. The opening moments fascinate and connect with ease thanks to such intimacy and willingness to be vulnerable. As things progress though, the whole song soon evolves from good to great, seeing things build with unquestionable skill and grace combined.

The soundscape rises in subtle intensity and energy, the layers come in one by one as part of this progression, and the switch from melody to rap works brilliantly in creating further dynamic and making sure to hold tight to your interest throughout.

While initially a one-off, this release underlines the strength of two-minds over one, and with Trust’N and Brett Raio quite clearly and unquestionably operating on the same page – here’s hoping there’s something more to look forward to in the near future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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