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True Vacation Everything’s Just Fine


Introducing an inspiring debut, enchanting for its echoing loops of melody, energizing for its fullness and rhythms that relentlessly uplift – True Vacation blend soulful guitar play and writing with seamless production and intention, for Everything’s Just Fine.

Achieving a likable balance between the electro-immersive dream realm and the more intimate singer-songwriter musings of indie pop, True Vacation present an irresistible arena of sound with this release – a multilayered, colourful and evocative listen, that’s a pleasure to escape into.

Ultimately reflecting on the power of music, a distinctly self-aware Everything’s Just Fine accesses the embrace of a loaded audio arrangement both light and euphoric at its peak. Waves of synth and retro rhythms meet with quietly whispered vocals, a dynamic pairing for conversational identity amidst a riff-strong and hypnotic overall set-up.

The result is a track that feels both nostalgically cinematic and effective as a contemporary distraction to the weight of the current world.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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