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Troy Remedy Faith In God


Smooth soul and the old-school comfort of Hip Hop crafted with purpose and commitment – Troy Remedy impresses in a humble yet uplifting way, for the beautiful new single Faith In God.

Built around a nostalgic arrangement of vintage synths, guitar fragments, keys, bass, and a classic rhythm, Faith In God begins with a blissfully moving soul hook – a melody and vocal performance that feel gorgeous in tune with the concept and mood of the music.

Following this introduction, we move into the equally smooth and effective bars of Troy Remedy’s rap flow – a conscious outpouring of gratitude and poetic imagery intertwined, as our protagonist looks upon a greater power to gain clarity and understanding in terms of spiritual reflection within himself and the world at large.

Feeling both incredibly personal in story and vastly relatable in its metaphorical presentation and the resolve to that memorable line of Faith In God, the single has a certain alternative depth and direction that seems refreshing. The songwriting and the expression, the search for answers and the belief in better, all clearly drives the creative process – rather than simply a need to appeal to certain listeners.

It’s authentic, thoughtfully written, and performed with a welcomed sense of calm and confidence that should connect with audiences across genres.

Strong riffs and a sensational hook, gritty yet engaging and hopeful bars – another example of why Troy Remedy is a hip hop and alternative artist worth knowing about.

Find Troy Remedy on Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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