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Troy Javelona For You (EP)


Dreamy guitar lines and breathy vocals make up the calm and colourful new EP from UK RnB artist Troy Javelona.

The opener Call Me, from the four-track EP For You, depicts a mildly gritty shoegaze tone, and presents an array of voices and melodies that draw inspiration from the likes of Redbone as much so as Hip Hop and RnB crossovers from way back when.

As the project continues, retro rhythms and warped grooves meet with stylish basslines and more of those distinct vocals, and there’s a certain humility and quiet expressiveness to all that threads the project together.

The title-track For You in particular showcases the best of this unique production and heartfelt writing style, and again balances the industrial and the smooth in a way that brings plenty of character and identity to the Troy Javelona style.

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Rebecca Cullen

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