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Troielle Always in Time


Creatively side-stepping away form the norm, but with professionalism and emotion to meet the clear talent on display, Troielle captures a style of her own, for the alluring new single Always In Time.

Following a sublime organic bassline, Always In Time feels like a nostalgic trip hop arrangement at first – a little Zero 7-inspired in its simplicity and warmth. Then we get the voice, a naturally engaging, expressive and distinct lead; Troielle connecting with the rasp and equal softness and power of her style, and this comes with the lyrical bliss of the story and sentiments.

As we progress, a classic rhythm lights up the soulful groove, the bassline continues to take centre stage but in a welcomed fashion, and the breathy resolve of the hook and title adds an earworm aspect to an already enjoyable indie track.

Somewhat influenced by electronic chillout as much so as classic Soul and RnB, the underground edge of Always In Time meets with the pristine arrangement and crisp finish of the production – unrivaled work from Fidel Camilo Ortega Medina and Amilcar Cabral Welton. The result is a single that feels as if it perfectly walks the line between creative freedom and mainstream-ready appeal. A brilliantly unexpected twist of style and heart, and faultlessly delivered.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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