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Tristan Oliver Secrets (Feat. Breana Marin)


Ambient production with lo-fi good vibes and a smooth, seductive progression lead us into this thoughtful new single from Tristan Oliver.

Focused intently on the concept of communication and its importance within relationships, Secrets features the classic pairing of a soulful RnB hook with a slightly heavier, rhythmically engaging rap verse.

The track ultimately talks of personal longing and turmoil united, drawing attention to mistakes, secrets, and the key to longevity in love – openness and honesty.

On top of the relatable and inspiring concept is a quickly immersive, likeable production style. Throw in superb performances both in the rap and the melody, and the track holds attention with ease as it progresses through its various sections.

The second verse in particular lays bare a slightly grittier performance, a deeper realm of thought, along with a little more detail and character to help reveal the true reality of the situation.

The verse story captivates, intrigues, and the hook resolves in a passionate, soulful manner – injecting a memorable chorus that really helps elevate the whole thing beautifully.

Nostalgic in style yet contemporary in its dealing with the subject matter. Really nicely crafted.

Download or stream Secrets here. Check out Tristan Oliver on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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