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Tripp Gordon Sun Filled Gaze


Organic guitar funk and dreamy electronic synths make up a unique backdrop to the introductory track of Tripp Gordon’s new ambient, emotive project Sun Filled Gaze.

Merit is the opener, stylish by design and refreshingly unexpected in its switch from instrumental appeal to the poetic delivery of lyrics that quickly provoke thought.

The colourful artwork and implications of the project title are represented from the start, and this connection continues to shine.

The bass is a clear calling card, but so is artistic production and strong musicianship on the whole – the album feels professionally crafted, instantly accessible, yet notably surprising in the topics and details presented.

Consider Blast, those qualities ringing loud, the vocal intriguing in its tremble and lyrical observation; even the sudden switch to falsetto for a catchy hook moment.

‘You’ve got to stop and put the breaks on…’

Highlights from the ten-track album include the swagger and mellow embrace of Christen – stylistically fresh yet well-rooted in the Tripp Gordon approach to musicality – and the electro fuzz and personality of Into The Simplicity.

Pillows is also a stand-out, again fusing the weight of the bass-line with the delicacy and hypnotic complexity of the keys and synths found elsewhere. The energy meanders, the structure proves as creative as the layers, and the whole thing somehow feels both joyful and heartbreaking in its euphoric progression.

In terms of songwriting, Betrayed shines for its melodic loop that imprints a progression in the mind – and for its detail, the production intricacies that allow for effective escapism between vocal moments. Then there’s the title-track, with boldly fearless sound-play and a retro energy that takes things back to the sound of a simpler time.

All in all, Sun Filled Gaze promises a uniquely fascinating, impressive and engaging listen – an original alternative to much of the current scene, blending elements of funk, hip hop, electronica and sheer instrumental warmth throughout its playlist. The tracks also manage to hold your interest thanks to creativity running wild and free. A pleasure to delve into.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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