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Trileon ThaGod Beautiful Life (Feat. Micheli J S.)


Leading with a raw and authentic introduction, followed by an equally heartfelt and classic set-up and song, Trileon ThaGod’s Beautiful Life is every bit as inspiring and optimistic as its title and artwork imply.

Featuring mellow verses and poetic reflections on life, focused on the story of the individual but not overly exclusive that it feels too personal or intimate – far from it – the single connects with ease and has the potential to reach a broad audience. The very nature of the verses and the resolve of the hook work hard to motivate and uplift listeners – to remind them of this one chance to do things right, to live your life.

The music is refreshingly old-school, meaning that it takes from classic and contemporary aspects alike, and the fragments of a child’s voice towards the end really help add something all the more warming and hopeful to the mix – furthering its reach to a bold degree.

Despite a short time-frame, Beautiful Life is a well-crafted release, with a bright musical backbone, confident and clear vocals from the leading artist, and an overall production and presentation that help really light up the room.

Download the single via Apple. Check out Trileon ThaGod on Facebook & Instagram. Look out for the mix-tape MICHELI in 2021.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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