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Tricia Lo I’m Ready To Die


An ever-creative Tricia Lo takes performance and production to greater heights still, with the uniquely artistic and powerful new single I’m Ready To Die.

Building up from mildly theatrical beginnings, distant piano keys and lashings of reverb uniting a choir of descending vocal fragments – an expressive leading vocal performance amidst an otherwise spacious, stripped-back sense of rising anticipation – I’m Ready To Die soon finds its groove as a dramatic, evocative realm of rhythm and soul.

Always the Tricia Lo voice remains a thread of consistency, versatile yet recognizable at every stage, and the lyrics remain poignant in their balancing of the personal and the cryptic.

Ultimately there’s romance and longing at the heart of I’m Ready To Die, and this evolves into unshakable passion both musically and vocally – as the track finds its force and injects that haunting, distorted and heavy chorus. The production reflects this shifting journey really well.

Loaded with dark-pop personality and equal parts softness and intensity, I’m Ready To Die speaks loudly on behalf of the uninhibited Tricia Lo approach to modern music.

Single Out November 3rd. Find Tricia Lo on YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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