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Tri Sor Wondrous Father


Driving with absolute passion, dedication and faith, and some flawlessly stunning leading voices – Tri Sor present this fresh approach to Christian Gospel music in a quickly compelling, captivating, and ultimately uplifting manner.

For the music fans who deeply appreciate the art of raw melodic expression, this entire release has been crafted with positive energy and care – fans of soul and RnB alike are fairly certain to enjoy the flow of this single and the meandering, emotional presentations of each vocal line. As a religious declaration, a piece of music and writing with specific intent, the song also marks a fresh step towards a shared love and appreciation for a higher power.

Though there is simply a piano and a hint of additional instrumentation – always organic, always subtle – the song gives off a much bigger feel than its building blocks on paper might imply. This is all thanks to the work of the voices – the increasing energy, the rise from a solo sound to that of a choir; the evolution from individuality to togetherness, and the strength and power that this brings. The song artistically represents its core principles and underlying sentiments in every possible way. And even with this vastness, still the sound is soothing – it can fill your heart with joy as much as it can fill your mind with peace and leave you feeling settled and safe.

Music tends to offer either escapism or enhancement to its audience – it can make the moment better, or it can change it entirely and lift you out of your lull. In this case, Tri Sor have made certain to offer both of these in unison. Whatever it is that you may need the music for, it has you covered. The production is wonderful and so these performances feel very genuine, almost real-time – building further on that honest affection and unity. A live performance is undoubtedly where things would really come to life.

Check out an alternative and faster version of the song here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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