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Trey Wonder Somebody Do Something


Trey Wonder’s latest single is an indie-rock smash that brings together the raw energy of the genre and the classic riffs and pace of a simpler time.

Instrumentally there’s something of a Brit-pop vibe to the track at first, that electric guitar riff is simple yet effective – memorable and contrasting enough to create a dynamic with everything else. Following this, Wonder injects a brief yet rhythmically effective melody and story-line that redirects the experience. That vocal has more of a punk-pop tone and style about it, even feeling reminiscent of Elliot Smith during the quieter, smoother moments. The song’s subject matter is also notably thoughtful, offering personal depth and reflection that feels way more singer-songwriter-like than anything simply designed as an anthem to entertain.

All of these qualities work in unison to give Trey Wonder a sound and approach that’s his own right now. Somebody Do Something may sound familiar and nostalgic from afar, but what you find within is something well worth venturing into more than a couple of times. The lyrics of this three-minute hit intrigue and fascinate right the way through. With each new listen, they connect a little more intensely. An impressive single and a genuine, organic style of writing and expression.

Check out the song as of April 7th on Spotify. Find & follow Trey Wonder on Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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