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Trevor James Breakthrough


Bright and honest song-writing and musicality from artist Trevor James – the Breakthrough EP is a beautifully genuine and colourful collection of organic indie pop songs.

Look Away as an opener works well – the acoustic strum, the accessible vocal, the catchy melody and the repetition of that unique yet relatable line and concept. The acoustic strength meets with the full-band brightness for a clearly versatile live sound – something that will translate well in either setting as and when the scene returns. Throw in some humble yet effective electric guitar play and the arrangement seals the deal.

Rendezvous follows and we get a more pop-punk aura – distortion, power chords, faster verse lines. Still we see poetic intimacy lead us through a relationship story that builds up brilliantly from scene-setting verses to the uplifting resolve of an anthem-like and ultimately very present hook. Great contrast between sections means the completed track energises in a classic pop-punk fashion.

Back to the acoustic delicacy, piano-led now for further eclecticism – Only is a deeply personal account and performance, which highlights yet another side to Trevor’s artistry and set-list. Brightness guides the way, a loving undertone that shines in an honest yet accessible manner – making this feel authentic yet also vague enough to be made the ‘our song’ of any couple; an effective pop calling card.

To finish up the project is a beautiful pairing of finger-picked acoustic guitar and subtle strings. I’ve Always Loved You is the heartfelt ballad of the EP, and it brings an emotive level of power and passion to the final quarter. Trevor lets the music play as big a role as the lyrics here, so the song connects through and through – the chord progression, the rising anticipation, the openness and vulnerability in the lyrics.

A gorgeous closing track and another strong example of the song-writing abilities and natural style of the artist. Well worth a listen this year, and look out for Trevor James on the acoustic circuits in the very near future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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