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Trevor Douglas Stay by Your Side


Trevor Douglas has a voice that really takes your breath away for a moment, particularly on this latest single. The delicacy of his vocal tone, the intimate recording style, the emotion and the flawless ability to reach each note and moment fuses beautifully with the devotion and passion in the lyrics. There’s something totally unique and heartfelt about his performance here, it’s the sort that perhaps a few years ago would have felt comfortably a part of the outpouring of Timberlakes and Sheerans, but that right now feels completely fresh and genuine, and far more interesting than any of that.

Stay By Your Side¬†is a gorgeous song, really thoughtfully written, and structured in a manner that initially grabs your attention with that almost whispered softness and purity, and that poetic lyricism; the autumn leaves, the connection between this and ageing. There’s a youthfulness to his voice that seems to contrast with the awareness in his writing, and that’s a powerful thing.

As the song progresses, the hook emerges as something much more pop-like – it’s a big ballad that utilises contrast in so many ways. The acoustic guitar sound works perfectly at first, then as things evolve, the intensity rises, Douglas’ performance grows more energetic and stylish in a different kind of way. You quickly grow accustomed to his voice and his writing style and there’s something addictively new about it all, as well as mildly familiar and comforting at the very same time – a winning combination, really.

As an artist it’s likely there’s a lot more to come from Trevor Douglas in the near future, his potential to bring something fresh to the pop world is strong, and this track is the perfect place to begin that journey. A beautiful and easily recognisable release once you’ve stumbled upon it.

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