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Trespasser Man


Dreamy surf-rock of strong riffs and a fuzzy overtone – indie-pop quintet Trespasser bring together catchy tunes and strong grooves, for the likes of their increasingly enjoyable single Man.

Featuring an opening guitar riff that’s as delicate as it is infectious, followed by simple, two-note verses, which meander through a sort of listing format of reflections and observations mostly playful but occasionally profound – Man ends up becoming quite a fascinating indie gem of a hit.

The overall mood is uplifting, an earworm of an easy progression connecting on the surface level for its worthy build-up and resolve. Underneath this, however, is an intriguing story, loaded with hints of intention but generally maintaining its sense of mystique throughout a three-minute evolution.

An impressive track, in short – Trespasser have stumbled upon an effective chemistry between the likable organic shoegaze of the moment and that crucial additional layer that is uniquely interesting and memorable songwriting. Both the music and the concept, even the modest and laid back yet engaging delivery, draws you in with a greater pull throughout. Man is both carefree and intensely self-focused, which makes for a refreshing twist of colour. I look forward to hearing more.

Find Trespasser here or via Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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