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Treece Money (Paper Moon) Summer Nights


Fresh from the brand new album Summer Nights, Paper Moon is a quickly seductive, melodic hip hop track that makes for a fine introduction to the artist that is Treece Money.

Showcasing both a passion for music and a clear skill for story-telling, Treece leads with impressive, uniquely organic musicianship, a fairly spacious aura, and a string of lyrics that hold close to a poetic and deeply thoughtful writing style.

From a songwriting perspective, this and indeed many of the tracks on the Summer Nights playlist are decidedly creative – structurally considerate, pouring through with unexpected movement and a sense of artistic evolution. There are as many moments of rhythmically entrancing bars as there are of satisfying and memorable melodies, and all of this kicks in without the need for unnecessary gimmicks or quirks.

Prior to this moment, the album’s opening track Nothing is a hard-hitting, intense and much more energetic piece of music and performance. A heavy beat and dark, intentional lyrical substance kicks off what is a surprisingly eclectic yet endlessly engaging and impressive album.

Summer Nights offers 15 original tracks, each one as creative and expressive as the last, yet each one also presenting a completely new series of moments and underlying yet another side to the versatile and faultlessly skillful artist.

The title track is another stand-out for its striking industrial beat – the space again keeps your focus on the energy and the artist’s performance; Treece Money doesn’t hide behind effects or meaningless instrumental weight. This is real music, unpredictable and new, yet entertaining and immersive at the very same time.

Download the album via iTunes. Find & follow Treece Money on Soundcloud & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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