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Trak Reckless


Heavy bass work, dreamy melodies and crisp trap rhythms make up the professional and cotemporary sound of producer Trak’s latest soundscape Reckless.

Notably rooted amidst the darker, late-night side of modern hip hop, there are nostalgic threads intertwined amidst a subtle sense of journey, making this a naturally alluring composition in and of itself, but also easily suited for accompanying an artist or rapper in exploring any number of emotive realms.

Focused on the overall vibe but also featuring an essential riff or melodic pattern, one that emerges via three separate instrumental layers intermittently, Reckless drives with a humble tempo yet a clearly passionate undertone. There’s equal potential for calm contemplation and outright pace and grit across the two twenty-seven lifespan.

Keeping things relevant yet elevated on a bold degree of appreciation for the genre, Trak crafts from a place of enjoyment and precision combined. As such, releases like Reckless prove ready and waiting for that ideal collaborative finish to really bring the scene to life.

Download or stream Reckless here. Check out Trak on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & TikTok or visit the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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