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Trabajarie Moon Bootz (Prod. ArthurK)


Following the release of his breakthrough EP Prototype from 2022, Atlanta artist Trabajarie continues to reach an expanding audience, not least of all with the project’s opening track Moon Bootz.

Smooth vocals appear cleanly-mixed by way of short lines in a call-and-response arena, as the otherwise ethereal production, piano-play and trap energy of Moon Bootz blends aspects of hip hop’s past and present.

Notably versatile from one set of bars to the next, making fine use of melody and changes in pace as the confident and quirky details rain down, Moon Bootz introduces the Trabajarie sound with a kind of laid-back, no-f*cks-given demeanor.

The music takes the edge off, and the quietly confident delivery alongside this proves a recognisable quality of the Trabajarie sound. His voice continues to feel recognisable in its calm, low tones, yet still he switches the pace and rhythm of the bars consistently throughout the likes of Tia & Tamera.

Elsewhere we get a refreshing twist of contemplation and heart – Fr is suggestive of this, and Cutie Putudee reinforces it to a fearlessly emotional degree. By now the weight of the bass and the trap beats back up a contemporary rap vocal effect for a notably more mainstream sound.

Wrapping things up though, Sense Soon returns to the organic instrumentation of the opener, and cleanly-mixes another almost freestyle-esque performance, whilst employing worthy melodies and a generally peaceful, late-night vibe that lingers when the music has ended.

Keeping things original and true to his own style and journey, yet also paying tribute to the musicality and writing of the genre’s legends across the board, Trabajarie walks a fine line between the deeply thoughtful and the simply entertaining.

No doubt the upcoming full-length album will be as eclectic and as immersed in these juxtaposed qualities; perhaps at an even stronger level.

Grab the music on all platforms. Check out Trabajarie on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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