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Tough On Fridays Open My Mind


Tough On Fridays showcase no interest in waiting around for anything lately. With new releases pouring through fairly consistently, and always at the highest level both creatively and production-wise, this latest offering further cements their unwavering passion and skill for the art-form.

Storming through the speakers with nothing so much as an introduction or a moment of quiet, Open My Mind is a brilliantly upbeat and deeply thoughtful pop-rock song – one that subtly leans towards punk-pop with its fast-paced power-chords and the often grunge-soaked nature of the leading melody.

Though their music always strikes a chord, this latest single seems to bring through a whole new level of personality and identity – the lead singer in particular appears immediately connected to the subject matter at hand; you can hear this in both the lyrics and the emotional, energetic manner in which they’re presented. With the song being barely two and a half minutes long, this intensity and realness really has to kick out in order to grab you, and that’s precisely what it does.

Open My Mind is a powerful song, one that works beautifully at volume – enveloping you in the concept and the beautifully melodic chaos of the moment, with professionally arranged guitar-work and a mighty drum-line. Topping it all off perfectly is the grit and urgency of that leading voice – drenching you in these reflections on life, effectively prompting you to consider every line and every idea in relation to your own existence and the world around you. A brilliant effort, quite possibly a personal favorite from the band so far.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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