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Tough On Fridays (Little Italy) Live at Texas Indie Fest


Tough On Fridays are proving their worth as a live band with the release of the album Live At Texas Indie Fest. Aside from knowing this is a live recording, and perhaps a slight sense of audio distance or oneness within the mix, there’s next to nothing about the sound that gives anything away. The band perform flawlessly, and Little Italy is such a great track that it connects in an instant – particularly in this raw and genuine setting.

The band bring a delightful fusion of genres through in their sound. Little Italy features a fascinating and satisfying structure, a great sense of rhythm, a captivating concept, and an instrumental set-up that seems free from concerns about style or industry rules. Their creative freedom is subtle but effective, and this is a stunning song; wonderfully performed.

The band’s leading vocalist undoubtedly helps drive their performance and their writing through in a magnetic way. There’s something about the tone, the quality of the vocal intricacies, and the way the singer meanders skillfully between the various stages of the track. Whether the moment is rhythm and soul soaked, roaming freely through the notes, or whether it’s more of a stop and start style instance of performance – even when there’s a near-full instrumental breakaway, and the voice is the last remaining light – the challenge is met with ease, and with plenty of personality. You get a notable sense of identity from the sound, and the voice seems inherently connected to the lyrics, so the whole thing just works in the way that you’d hope your favourite band’s music to – each time you return to it.

The rest of this album is easily worth a listen. Tough On Fridays are clearly a band we should be looking out for across 2019’s stages.

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