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Torch the Hive Deku


The lightness of indie shoegaze is quickly elevated by passionate and bold vocals, soon evolving into a wholly unexpected hard-rock realm as that passion rises further still – Torch The Hive provide the essential escapism we need right now.

Deku is a two-track release, beginning with the title-piece and all of the above. From a dreamy surf-rock introduction through a raspy vocal thread that ultimately develops into a Foo Fighters-style hook, Deku promises the pace and power of real rock, along with a story and softer juxtaposition that allow it to hit with superb impact.

Brilliant vocals and undoubtable unity between musicians raise the bar here, Torch The Hive capture the raw energy and grit of hard-rock in studio form, quickly inviting interest in a live show – no doubt where these songs would really stand tall. However, the band consistently prove themselves to be unpredictable – impossible to pigeonhole in their creativity.

Consider the shift to seeds, high-octane and partly electronic, partly organic heavier metal, with a suddenly punk-rock-style vocal and another structurally gripping presentation.

The band have mastered versatility and integrity in one mighty strike, and Deku in full promises the fearless emotion and presence of alternative rock, without any of the industry filler or expectation. In short, it makes you wish this were a much longer project. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to follow.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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