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Too Much Saturn Blame Game


Introducing a brilliantly effective balance between colourful, pop melodies and a raw-rock musical set-up, Too Much Saturn’s Blame Game is made even better thanks to superb and thoughtful songwriting.

Rightfully laying out the subtle, relatable details during the verses, by means of a slightly longer-form, meandering melody, the track then goes on to resolve precisely as you’d hope – rounding up the central concept, seeing the music fall back down to simplicity, and leaving just that one final line lingering in your mind.

From a songwriting preservative, you can imagine a solo acoustic performance of this song letting it shine just as well but with a notably different mood. This particular set-up, the light yet relentless rhythm of the beat, the indie-rock fullness, gives the piece a whole new level of energy and intensity. It takes the writing from melancholic over towards something much more anthem-like – the kind of classic rock hit you could zone in on from across the field at a festival.

There’s a certain warmth to the band’s leading vocals, they feel accessible and equally relatable, so you connect with these words all the more realistically. At the same time, that nostalgic aura is likely to prove comforting, even energizing, for many listeners who’ve witnessed the progression of mainstream rock. In every case, a really well written song, and a sound that holds close to the band’s natural desire to play – nothing fake is needed, the music just does what it needs to do.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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