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Tony Levitas Never Could Be Wrong


Singer and songwriter Tony Levitas is no newcomer to creative pursuits, and the genre-bending, world-fusion ambiance presented on this latest single makes for a fine testimonial to that.

Leading with a somewhat nostalgic, full-rock soundscape, balancing organic elements with experimental electronic ones – the raw and unplugged guitar, the flickers of dreamlike reverb-soaked melody in the distance – Never Could Be Wrong is a personal and reflective song at its core, but one with a uniquely warm and colourful set-up.

While you can hear the solo acoustic performance woven into the whole thing, you can also appreciate the big-band vibes – this intimate and honest song soon evolves to become something of a U2-inspired anthem. The guitar solo during the final build-up at the end adds a mighty finishing touch.

There’s a partly melancholic vibe to much of it, but there’s also something uplifting about the general groove, and that contrast works well. It’s a job well done, an easy alternative playlist filler that’s poetic and intimate all at once.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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