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Tony Cobain Night Stars


Tony Cobain keeps things classically stylish with the subtle yet immersive groove and performative energy of Night Stars.

Featuring simple but satisfying production, a little retro yet crisp and contemporary in vocal styling and finish, Night Stars blends easy observational hip hop with a canned pop hook for melodic appeal. The result is a nostalgic single that focuses on embracing the moment and makes fine use of clever wordplay and switches in flow for a laid-back but captivating listen.

There’s a touch of Outkast to the faster outpouring of bars, then elsewhere we lean towards electropop and even RnB just briefly. Ultimately the sound is creatively Tony Cobain, and the consistent return to that hook makes sure the song subtly yet effectively leaves its mark.

Reminding listeners to appreciate the poetry and presence of the current moment, Night Stars is both contemplative and simple in what it seeks to represent. Cobain aims well and hits the mark, maintaining humility of style but confidence of lyrical freedom all at once.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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