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Tomahawk Summer (Prod. A1 Rocky)


Tomahawk’s latest single is one that fuses vague details from a Game Of Thrones story-line with a decidedly contemporary, auto-tuned rap sound, a light and colourful beat, and a quickly memorable, rhythmic hook.

The hook for Summer is undoubtedly the main thing you take away from this release. The leading vocal hits hard due to the familiar overuse of auto-tune – creating a chaotic and intense contrast with the delicacy of the surrounding soundscape. The vast majority of the track feels vocal-led, but this is mostly the hook pouring through – very few other details emerge verse-wise, so the story-line is left to the imagination of the listener for the most part. The artwork and the descriptive details though help you make that connection to GOT, as well as perhaps being indicative of a personal experience; something that would add a little more emotion. There are threads between fiction and reality for many, and this song works hard to highlight those.

Tomahawk has a definite sound of his own right now, though the effects and the vocal rhythm feel firmly rooted among today’s hip hop landscape, you can hear the intricacies in this and the artist’s other releases that help create a level of identity. Production-wise A1 Rocky’s beat suits the flow of this track well. A uniquely conceptual collaboration that aims high for the genre.

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