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Tom Vicario Baby Let’s Go


There’s a really comforting warmth to this song, it’s one that softens the high energy of the melody and the rhythm a little bit and makes for a very classic sounding recording. The folk rock and blues vibe comes forward in every possible way, but that softness is something that is present in everything from the rhythm to the guitar sound, to the melody, and indeed the vocal performance itself. The feeling is of it being a very natural performance, which reinforces the independence of the track, the artist, and the individuality that thrives as part of the creative process.

The melody of the song is a very vintage kind of blues-rock melody. The notes have a familiar sound to them, the writer knows the genre well and has written a song accordingly, and everything does what it should. The melody definitely stays with you, whether it’s an original take on a scale or just the familiarity – that innate desire to learn and mimic a joyful melody such as this. Whatever the reason, it’s a strong effect to have on an audience.

Structurally the whole track works beautifully. The instrumental breaks are well placed and long enough to really let you wind down and relax in between lyrics, plus the subtle yet addictively happy sounding guitar solos that drive these breaks add even more to the enjoyment of the track in general. Musically, it’s a whole lot of good vibes that would be perfectly suited to a Saturday night gathering – the kind where a little bit of country rock and blues has the power to bring everyone together, letting them relax and unwind after a hectic week of work.

Gar Francis is the songwriter, Tom Vicario the artist performing. Visit Tom Vicario’s Website to find out more about him and his music. Follow him on Facebook to stay updated.

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