The familiar ache of desperation, of inescapable self-burden, resounds throughout the fearlessly honest lyrics of the song, and the contrast between these thoughtful, clearly informed verses, and the heavier resolve of the hook, helps the topic and feeling really connect.

It’s a simple but essential take on the matter, and the music sounds immense – hopefully Better Off Alive will reach the right people at just the right time.

Hard RockMetalRock

There is no success without failure – where we fail, we learn how not to fail in the future. MVP is subtly but surely all of this, and meanwhile – a soulful, jazz-cafe-style musicality fills the room, and that unmistakable vocal sound makes certain you’ll recognize it the next time around.


You can hear and indeed feel that each track has been crafted with purpose and care. Every moment is crisp and clear-cut so as to follow the mood of the conceptual journey, and meanwhile Asadi pours his story and his personality into the process.