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Tom Esch I Just Can’t Believe It’s True


Tom Esch brings together the energy and guitar work of indie-rock anthems, and the emotionally heart-felt expression of a solo singer-songwriter, with his latest single, a track from The Modern Devices EP – I Just Can’t Believe It’s True. 

From the moment it begins, to the chaotic and vibrant finish, the song imprints that hook melody and parallel guitar riff in your mind with ease. There are equal parts grit and softness here, taking the raw energy and performance aspects of rock music and yet contrasting that with something much more accessibly pop than anything overly alternative. It helps the track reach out to a much wider audience, and as commonly suggested, the sound does float confidently somewhere between the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and Elliot Smith. There’s a tenderness to the writing, an honesty, but its kept intentionally vague so as to become relevant to any number of listeners.

The length of that title and the unforgettable nature of the melody that delivers it play huge roles in making certain you remember and recognise this song at any future encounters. Tom Esch has a certain way with musicianship and creativity that lets his ideas and his passion pour through in a way that feels very genuine. On top of this, he knows how to write a hook, how to get you thinking about the music long after the audio has come to an end. The same effect could be said of the artwork for this recent EP project.

The music seems quite natural, clearly defined in terms of influences but also written and performed in a way that is true to the creative at hand. There’s a dash of all that is indie-rock as well as a hint of all that seeks to intrigue and appeal.

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