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Tolu Salako Bloom


Bloom is the soulful new EP from Tolu Salako; it’s one that fuses extensive experience and passion in singing, with a well traveled, emotional and reflective songwriting style. Tolu Salako sings about optimism and the good things in life. It’s exactly the kind of music we need more of, those positive vibes, those joyful beats and melodies; it all makes for brighter and more beautiful days. An inspiring collection of songs.

Something Beautiful is a fairly raw and from-the-heart kind of track, broken down to it’s very soul – a simple back beat, and a smooth and stylish vocal performance that is both sweet and striking throughout. The style and the melodies featured in this one have, for me, a very classic nineties feel – something I always love to hear. That TLC kind of sound, the spoken word parts in particular, and the general dreamlike ambiance of the song on the whole. Again, the optimism shines through, the wonderful side of life. A respectable quality from an admirable songwriter.

Haunted is a great track. The subtle synth-like riff in the backdrop sets an almighty but smooth atmosphere, and the vocal that stands tall among it is phenomenal. Those R&B tones really shine through, Tolu seems to get taken away with the music, and as listeners we are in turn taken away with it too. A remarkable effect, when an artist lets the music guide them like this; the final product takes us places we never expected. Music that really allows you to escape from your daily life and your troubles. Lovely to listen to.

The soul and the honesty that has been poured into this EP is well worth experiencing. She’s an artist who has found her own voice, her own style, and she is holding on to it – running with it. The EP Bloom is highly recommended, five tracks of uninhibited r&b and soul. Head over to Spotify to check it out for yourself.

Tolu Salako grew up in Nigeria, before briefly relocating to Glasgow, and then later residing in London; during this time she has achieved a vast number of respectable musical moments. You can read more about it over on her Website, and head over to Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date. Give the artist a follow to look out for new releases and upcoming live performances in your area. Don’t miss out.

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