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TODD Girl you looking so fly


Dreamy shoegaze production and subtly quirky rhythms meet with the clearly laid-back intentions of the title, as TODD injects a little smooth soul and good vibes into the contemporary scene.

Girl you looking so fly needed to offer something stylish and calmly catchy with a title so specific, and fortunately that’s precisely what it does.

Freely blending the qualities of modern pop production with a natural edge of mellow hip hop and flickers of identity woven in for a cinematic mix, the single feels like a blast from the past in some ways – a summer hit from a simpler era. In the same instance though, it manages to keep things new and interesting, with likeable vocal phrasings and the quiet confidence of it all.

Humble in tone but ballsy in subject matter, Girl you looking so fly makes light work of setting the mood – delivering a strong groove that begs for you to press play once again when it comes to an end.

The production, writing, performance and energy of the track all works in favour of its intention, and that makes it an easy one to get lost within for a short while.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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