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TLUXX We Weren’t Born To Lose (Feat. Brett Pemberton)


It’s been said before, but it’s true – sometimes to make art from tragedy feels like the only way to deal with it, to express those difficulties connected to it, and to move past it.

We Weren’t Born To Lose is a collaborative release created as a result of experiencing an unnecessary and devastating trauma, specifically the shooting that took place at Route 91 Harvest Festival last September. To listen to the track with this in mind builds around you an entirely different experience than if you were to just stumble upon it. The words, the rising passion and intensity of the track, hit so much harder when there are specific details at hand; rather than an all-inclusive vagueness of sorts. Having said that, all-inclusiveness is pretty crucial when reaching for a wider audience, and the way in which this has been written undoubtedly takes that into consideration, making for what is, by all accounts, a totally uplifting and inspiring piece of music and performance.

Brett Pemberton’s vocals on the track bring through the emotion and sentiments of the song in a powerful way. His voice has a recognisable tone and carries the meandering melody with confidence and an authentic connection to the lyrics. In addition, the lyrics themselves get you thinking in an entirely different way about events like this that seem to take place more and more frequently. It opens your eyes to the reality of the situation, as well as inspiring hope, motivation, and togetherness.

The production on the track is mighty, taking its time to build, reflecting effectively upon each passing idea as the song evolves. The bigger moments hit with immense weight thanks to the colour and compelling levels of detail and warmth. Everything works well in unison to make this an absolute hit for the coming months and beyond. It’s important to have songs like this that make it far and wide, and that carry with them a heartfelt message of hope and depth at the very same time.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Rebecca, I love your written work about this song. I love the song and the video. Cheers.

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