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TK Mac The Living Room


Justin Barnett, known on the scene as TK Mac, brings music fans a spacious and melodically entrancing new groove with his single The Living Room.

Skillfully balancing an insightful and revealing way with personal story-telling, alongside contemporary references and accessible vibes, the track introduces the artist as honest, thoughtful, and clearly on the level when it comes to modern music and the current sound of the mainstream hip hop and RnB worlds.

The Living Room keeps a steady bounce throughout, amidst a fairly spacious soundscape, and within this TK Mac details his lifestyle and his current journey through music and the world as an aspiring artist. All of this is subtle, but these are the details that help build something appealing and which connects.

There’s an instrumental fall-away at one point, during which time TK Mac literally questions his role and the way things have been going lately. This is the kind of moment and indeed song that music fans can turn to and escape within, questioning things themselves, whilst being calmed by the overall good energy and multi-coloured ambiance of the single.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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