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Tizzy TEACH My Way


Tizzy TEACH takes a little time to impress with this release, but that soon reveals itself to be a blessing. Amidst today’s hip hop landscape, there are sounds that work, the ones that connect and make waves, and there are often overly familiar and increasingly un-interesting elements involved in that – we see these loops of ideas, recognizable beats, references to contemporary culture repeated to gather a crowd. In the case of My Way, the artist kicks in quickly with that modern sound, but the lyricism that develops later on is where you really start to witness something special – something a fair few steps left of the expected.

By this point, the beat itself has left a mark for its creative and colorful aura that walks in line with that classic, mildly familiar hip hop swagger. In hindsight, the hook that bursts onto the scene in the early moments has the same effect – those four words seem easy enough to be accessible to all, yet as you realise the detail and depth of the verses, the phrase lights up the room in a whole different way.

What takes this release from good to great is Tizzy TEACH’s voice – his bars are superb, honest and open, fascinating and often endearing; showcasing confidence and vulnerability all at once. You hear the passion and energy build up and up towards the final break and resolve that is the hook – that intro, returning to calm things down again; to comfort with familiarity. The second verse then explodes into action on a whole other level.

This second verse moment is huge, incredibly impressive – fast-paced yet lyrically flawless and refreshingly original. It’s worth skipping back through this verse alone to let the intricacies fully sink in. Then once again, you get the resolve of the hook, the return of the bounce, and by now the beat shines brightly as its own unique take on creative hip hop.

A brilliant track, intelligently crafted and easily worthy of a wider audience. I look forward to hearing what else comes through from Tizzy TEACH.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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