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Tina Sisay Red Light and Blue


Stunning vocals captivate with ease throughout this simplistic yet striking and powerful new single from Tina Sisay.

Featuring minimal yet poetic and poignant lyrics, Red Light and Blue follows an easy-going yet mildly melancholic piano progression, and proves immensely and increasingly gripping for the sheer passion and soul that Sisay delivers each line with.

The song compels from the outset for this visual concept and the softly expressive, raspy qualities of Tina’s voice. As things progress, the intensity and energy rise thanks to a vocal lead that grows more and more involved and mighty in its longing to express the inexpressible. Meanwhile the soundscape gathers momentum around this, a dramatic rhythm and string section reinforcing the ever-rising energy and weight of the vocal.

On the surface, Red Light and Blue is an inspiring, hopeful song about unity – the power of togetherness, seeing past colours and images to the people and the true beauty of life and God. At the same time though, this is a sensational single, with a fairly classic ballad arrangment but a phenomenal vocal performance from singer Tina Sisay.

Undoubtedly an artist at the top of her game, and the perfect vocalist to offer up such a relevant and heartfelt hit of songwriting.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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