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Timmy Turn Up Broke Boy


Hip Hop artist and founder of Addictive Accidents, Timmy Turn Up has released a handful originals already this past year, with plenty more new tracks in the pipeline for April and beyond.

Leading with a quirky and organic, spacious musicality, Broke Boy is refreshingly up-front vocally, and quickly creates an anthem-like, contemporary vibe with its infectious rhythms and the accompanying animation to back things up.

Vocal character, musical loops that are almost siren-like yet piano-led for that organic authenticity – Timmy Turn Up has his sound, his style, and it stands tall throughout these releases.

$cyth $eeing takes the fearless creativity to greater plains, beginning with an all-familiar excerpt from Bang Bang, continuing with a heavy rhythm and a heavy vocal to match. Here we get the natural video with performance and personality as the focus.

Another anthem, in keeping with the style, feeding into the dark and artistic side of hip hop with appropriate angst and confidence alike. Impressive bars, increasingly so as the track progresses.

The collaborative single Blitzburgh Jackboy$ drives with force as an intense, room-next-door rhythm and gritty production allow the vocal clarity and confidence to stylishly darken the mood – and to impress with breathless bars and short lines combined.

Then we get a shift in style and vibe, a touch of versatility – Liquor Kissing blends acoustic delicacy with emotive song-writing. Still the voice and the bars follow the Timmy Turn Up flow and tone, so it’s honest, relevant, but offers a break from the norm and a little more heartfelt connection for listeners to further their image of the artist. Raw production and delivery highlight the talent of the rapper as a performer and writer alike.

From earlier this year, Yu-Gi_Oh reverts back to the simple riffs and instrumental weight for a fresh take on gangster rap and fast bars to hit with impact on all levels. Never falling below par, promising high-quality outpourings and consistently delivering.

Last year’s Freestyle reinforces these qualities with power – relentless lyricism, a faultless performance that begs for you to listen more than once to catch every bar and reference. Timmy Turn Up holds nothing back, and you recognise his voice, his image, and the intensity of his music, having made your way through just a couple of his tracks. One to watch this year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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