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Tide Tan Lotus / Coincidence


Dreamy soundscapes and crisp, clear vocals guide listeners through this blissfully delicate yet conceptually thoughtful project from Tide Tan.

Featuring a wash of synths and a few simple chord progressions, mellow and calming, the EP Lotus introduces a vocal style that feels effectively fresh and well-rooted amidst today’s sound – a dash of hip hop in the freestyle meandering, an otherwise softly soulful, alternative RnB angle.

As the EP goes on, you quickly acclimatize to the sound, and in come a few infectious beats, melodies, and an increasingly addictive string of ideas and bars.

Moneyac is a definite highlight, though this fast-paced vocal energy began in the prior track. Here we get an engaging rhythm and melody in one, and a hook that immediately leaves its mark. Zoomed In is equally appealing, satisfying and notably personal in story-line. These lyrics grip you, as the music soothes, melancholic yet easy to connect with.

Where we have this new wave of alternative artists, taking just enough from the mainstream to reach out, and injecting lashings of personality and carefree creativity to offer something new – Dominic Fike comes to mind – Tide Tan roams through similarly uninhibited territory.

Tide Tan also has a new single coming up on September 5th, a love song entitled Coincidence. Here we get a more organic set-up, still that familiar voice, intimate and gentle. A touch of acoustic guitar, the sound of the sea, an honest and simple lyrical backbone, and a gorgeous vocal feature for further dynamic. It’s a step away from the EP, but it’s still very much in tune with the Tide Tan creative style and that inherent realness.

There’s something notably refreshing about all of this music, and furthermore, that artistry is met with absolute professionalism production-wise. Unique and interesting, immersive and genuine. Well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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