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ThuPlug Keep On / Golden Beach


Tuned in perfectly well to the sound of today, and the good vibes required to see the summer through its final weeks, Las Vegas artist ThuPlug has crafted a crisp, clean and smoothly melodic hit in the form of Keep On.

Utilizing the strength of a beautiful soundscape and a light beat, ThuPlug pours through lyrically with a series of short and simple rhymes – familiar references intertwined with personal reflections and statements of drive and confidence. Meanwhile, this rising and falling melody entrances in a quickly memorable way, making certain to hit with impact and ultimately leave the listener walking away with that tune running through their mind.

A naturally summer-ready alternative pop track, with a dash of hip hop as the verses see the artist pick up the pace and underline his own versatility when creating bars and building a story-line.

Download the single via iTunes or stream it on Spotify.

Also recently released, Young Ceez features on another summer banger of ThuPlug’s that is the aptly titled Golden Beach. Here there’s immediately a little more substance and intention – there’s a certain depth, a detailed story and a notably personal narrative that all at once helps add humanity and helps the listener build a genuine connection with the artist.

The beat is superb, fusing a little of that dance-hall bounce with a more melancholic aura that helps highlight the underlying truth and emotion of the song. ThuPlug finds himself throughout this, showcasing a far more fascinating approach to lyricism and one that holds your attention right the way through.

Where the first single is a simple anthem of a track designed to inspire good vibes and motivate, Golden Beach takes a more specific subject matter and digs a little deeper into that – production wise and lyrically. Originality begins to emerge and give the sound a definite thread of identity.

In both cases, professionalism shines brightly, and ThuPlug’s flawless delivery and flow help create a sense of movement that’s brilliantly engaging. Expect to hear a lot more from this artist in the coming months and years.

Download Golden Beach via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow ThuPlug on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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