Stylishly blending dance-pop qualities of production and build-up with catchy pop-rock tendencies in the vocal and melody, Indra’s Let’s Get Wild brings together the bare essentials of songwriting with an infectious and somewhat tribal rhythm and pace; for an anthem that quickly gets you moving. Produced by Nick Terranova of Starkillers and Howie Hersh, Let’s … Continued

DanceDance PopEDMProducer

Far from a simple arrangement of tracks, Saint’s Black Sheep is a project that encapsulates its underlying intentions in a hard-hitting, theatrical manner, from start to finish.

Hip Hop

While the instrumental set-up feels reminiscent of the likes of Portishead or The xx, the vocal line adds a level of volume and intensity. It’s a powerful performance, one that takes the song from quietly compelling to incredibly emotive and decidedly uplifting.

Alt PopPopTrip-Hop

In the same manner in which certain legendary producers have often paved their own way within the industry – going left when everybody else went right – ChudaBeat seems genuinely unconcerned with what the majority are doing right now. Instead, he creates from a clear love for music, and that connection and brightness shines gorgeously.