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Thre3dee 33 Flavours


Thirty-three songs in 33 Flavours – Thre3dee masters the art of expression throughout this melodic, ambient, emotive and honest new album.

The project’s opener is Tongue Twister – haunting rap sound-play backs up a cleanly-mixed vocal and heavy rhythm for a gritty, anthem-like hit that’s quickly likable in both groove and personality. Clever rhyme patterns inject a little humour alongside the darkness of the ambiance, and this kind of less predictable creative pairing continues throughout the project.

Alone in Her Sheets follows on with a dreamy intimacy that’s aptly quiet, calming and privately crafted – feeling both personal yet relevant to the broader audience. The lower vocal tone draws you in, the hypnotic music keeps you engaged.

Tracks like Lonely Heart immediately reach out for their fine balancing of soulful melody, subtle trap rhythms and up-front, fearlessly vulnerable vocals. The sense of identity is defiant, instantly recognisable, and the flow has an almost story-time sincerity about it. All in all, Thre3dee captures a sound that’s his, and this skill remains despite the essential eclecticism of 33 Flavours.

Elsewhere we get more of that familiar contemporary rap flavour with the weight and vocal rhythm, the angst and attitude of songs like Lie. Still the character of Thre3dee resounds unmistakably – a voice in a league of its own for both tone and delivery style.

Also the whispered poetic ache and intensity of Enough is Enough – a natural highlight for its vulnerability and depth in line with the retro embrace of the music.

Given the extensive length of this release, there’s more than enough to get lost within, to return to and escape amidst whenever the world gets too heavy. Thre3dee maintains an air of quiet confidence about his performances, which guides us through these softly colourful, immersive soundscapes perfectly well.

Consider the subtle world flavours of Paani Puri, and the rising passion that’s still humble yet effective and likable throughout. Then there’s the intention and weight of Bounce Back, a different approach, different emotions yet the same protagonist leading the way.

Memory Lane is another highlight, again for the depth and the bridging of that gap between artist and audience. The story captivates here, lures you in and holds you closely through details and scenes.

For similar reasons, One Nation is superb – powerful, mellow and emotive, unifying. Thre3dee takes his time to introduce things, offer a stylishly world-kissed, creative backdrop, then weave together a series of poetic references that inspire and work towards oneness and peace. More crucial than ever, the song takes on a whole new presence during current global turmoil. Well worth a listen.

Clever wordplay and carefree swagger make for repeatable traits that elevate the project and the sound of the artist. There’s not a bad track in the bunch, but it takes longer than your average album listening time to experience the whole thing, so to return in waves seems the way – not unlike the general vibe created by this playlist of consistently melodic, interesting and enjoyable outpourings.

Often there’s a feeling of freestyle commitment to the mic, a relentless, perhaps unedited vocal flow, but it’s always in keeping with the natural energy of the music, and it works – it’s all part of the style.

Grab the album via Apple or here from March 3rd. Check out Thre3dee on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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