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TheRealKarizMatik Study The Greats


Making sure to keep that connection and gratitude alive for those who paved the way, TheRealKarizMatik pays tribute to hip hop’s legendary past, with the aptly-titled and classic vibes of Study The Greats.

Featuring a cleanly-mixed vocal alongside a simple, organic and looping backdrop, the track has identity in its swirling riffs and tone, but simultaneously works hard to genuinely give thanks to the big names who changed the game.

Celebrating 49 years of hip hop, Study The Greats holds attention well – TheRealKarizMatik puts in a mellow yet devoted, smooth performance; a faultless flow that’s easy-going yet captivating as it name drops and details the journey of hip hop.

From appreciative verse intricacies to the simple repeat of that hook, the track is both catchy and timeless in its love for the art form. Not only a strong ode to the pioneers of the genre, but a memorable introduction to the conscious and refreshingly humble approach of artist and rapper TheRealKarizMatik.

Produced by Ben Malick, Study The Greats is a single from the upcoming album Nostalgik, due for release later this year.

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