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TheRealDJABK True Warrior (Feat. WaKil) [eSports Anthem]


TheRealDJABK is an artist an ex-marine whose injuries prevented him from partaking in previous favourite pastimes such as baseball and basketball. His new found joy in life is eSports, and between gaming and his love for creating music, this latest release was thoughtfully crafted and clearly comes from a place of great gratitude and passion.

True Warrior is a collaborative release and a direct dedication to eSports and the fact that this is what saved DJABK in his time of need. Everything from the rising intensity of the music to the lyrics showcases a sheer love for the art and a genuinely inspiring, motivational aura that works hard to lift you up and encourage you to believe in something.

True Warrior is a beautiful song that hits with impact thanks to its heartfelt backstory and thoughtful composition combined. The words chosen represent the concept well, and the colour and detail of the soundscape work hard to create a blissful, energizing EDM vibe that brightens your mood more and more-so as the track progresses.

The very idea of a True Warrior or a modern day warrior is underlined in everything that the track is. The music alone can be felt rising in weight and energy, the performance and the lyrics meet this high bar with ease, and all in all this makes for a refreshing take on inspirational music and a strong introduction to an artist with a clear passion and skill for musical craft-work.

Also released this year is the single Geek Flow, a totally different type of track with a classic hip hop groove yet still some alternative, experimental electronic elements that seem to be a calling card of TheRealDJABK’s work. The beat on this track is characterful and the rap delivery is too, offering a performance that stands out for its mellow, carefree, even slightly sarcastic approach to expression. This is in both the vocal tone and the lyrical style equally – it feels like a stream of consciousness in some ways, which suits the dreamlike, partly floaty partly intense soundscape that surrounds it.

TheRealDJABK offers something uniquely real and meaningful for music fans to connect with. His story is one of success in the face of adversity, and the music he releases reinforces that story and seeks to instill self-belief and hope in anyone and everyone who hears it. Even when the world as you know it is flipped upside down, there’s always something else waiting for you. This music has a definite sense of identity to it and there’s also a flicker of fun and simple good times about the track Geek Flow that reminds you not to take yourself too seriously. The balance between the two releases works well.

Music by TheRealDJABK, lyrics on True Warrior by Chief WaKil. Find & follow TheRealDJABK on Twitter & Twitch. Visit his Website for more info.

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