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ThePureOrder INSIDE feat. PRINCE PO (Organized Konfusion)


Inside takes the term ‘conscious rap’ to a whole new level. From the offset, the music lays out a certain manic darkness, and the leading vocal that pours through surrounds you with layers upon layers of multi-faceted bars and complex, thought provoking ideas. This is not music for those with a limited vocabulary, this is music for those who like to think outside the box, who like their art to reflect their mindset and their energy. The song is chaotic and vibrant and intense, and you feel this with every beat and every bar that passes by.

At under four minutes long, the song feels surprisingly big – the soundscape is heavy, these cascading riffs come through via both distorted guitars and lighter, more delicate synths; plus everything in between. The beat itself leans in the direction of EDM or Dubstep more than anything else – this is particularly apparent during the track’s intro. Later on though, a slightly more industrial or retro drum-line emerges, which works well in helping create this fully theatrical or cinematic audio experience.

On top of the character and hit of the music, the leading vocal performances are of course an essential ingredient and driving force of any noteworthy hip hop release. In this case, the first verse appears as perfectly in tune with the underlying energy and pace of the soundscape, presenting intelligence and a certain sense of overthinking in a perfectly relevant way. The second verse is delivered with a clearly lower tone and a slightly more mellow mood, though slightly is the key. At no point do the performances fail to impress. Contrast is effective and it’s utilised well here as each artist steps up into the spotlight to work their magic. The second and third times you hear this really make certain you’ll recognise it forever more afterwards.

Download the album Sword of Élan Vitál via Bandcamp. Find & follow ThePureOrder on Facebook & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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